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Cordis (meaning ‘heart’ in Latin) is an upscale hotel brand whose holistic concept focuses on the core pillars of intuitive service, connectivity, sophistication and a sense of community in the best locations around the world.

Cordis (meaning ‘heart’ in Latin) is an upscale hotel brand whose holistic concept focuses on the core pillars of intuitive service, connectivity, sophistication and a sense of community in the best locations around the world.


Each Cordis hotel will be individual in style, architecture and design, all of which will be reflective of its location and culture, and tailored to the requirements of our guests, from the corporate travellers to honeymooners to multi-generational families. Our service values and special offerings such as expansive meeting facilities, exciting restaurant social concepts, comprehensive kids’ programmes, and tailored neighbourhood excursions will appeal to a broad range of travellers.

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    • Heartfelt Service

    • Travellers seeking a unique 5-star experience

    • Hub locations within destinations

Commercial success is not only about being in the right place at the right time - although our city hotels are mostly to be found in major business districts. Nor is it guaranteed by having intelligently designed, naturally-lit work spaces and state-of-the-art facilities - we’ve got these too. What’s really mission critical is ensuring the team is well rested and properly energised. So, we make sure our guest rooms are relaxing retreats and we offer food that is both delicious and nutritious. We are also devoted to ensuring that business people get every bit of support they need.

With specially designed family rooms, dedicated children’s entertainment and a range of brilliant activities on offer, Cordis extends a particularly warm welcome to families.

Cordis is devoted to our environment and the community around us. Our hotels use many locally sourced, renewable materials. Our uniforms are made from earth-friendly materials. Our comfortable cars are hybrids. Our stores sell ethical and locally produced items, including natural products from our spa. Wherever possible, our restaurants source ingredients from nearby organic farms. And, we are especially keen to work with local charities.

Meeting the neighbours is very much a part of the Cordis experience. We like to share with our guests the local beat that pulses around our hotels and, with the help of local specialist guides, take them on insightful neighbourhood journeys. Our guests may also enjoy morning Tai Chi, cookery lessons featuring local flavours and even Chinese calligraphy classes given by masters in their craft. Our hotel shops also share the community goodness with a range of locally produced items.

The Cordis team are a considerate, caring group of people who are devoted to sharing their knowledge, time and enthusiasm with guests. On the surface they offer up a very casual style of service which belies their keenly anticipatory personalities and attentive natures. Nothing is too much trouble, no distance too great to travel to ensure our guests are happy, healthy and well.

A signature of Cordis is our meticulous devotion to detail, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it is.

So there’s no need to shout it from the rooftop. Ours is a brand of great subtlety. We don’t make bold claims to be ‘better or different’ (in fact, it’s not in our nature to make bold claims at all). Nor do we invent points of difference that don’t really exist, or pretend that we are reinventing the hotel experience. We are, however, passionate and energetic refiners and detailers we believe that, ultimately people who travel will sense the difference.

Cordis Residences

Cordis Residences offer owners an exclusive opportunity to invest in the Cordis lifestyle, one that surprises and delights our guests every day. Our Residence philosophy mirrors that of our hotel – elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, genuine service and captivation of the senses.

We work with our third-party developer partners to ensure that the units are luxuriously appointed, and are designed, constructed and serviced to Cordis’s standards. Research has shown that branded residences command an uplift in value as they come with a name that buyers trust, first class facilities, consistently high-rated service and security, assurances that are difficult to match in a non-branded environment.

Owners will be given access to the services and amenities provided by our hotels, as well as special benefits at all properties in our global portfolio through an exclusive Residences program.

Owner Benefits


  • Premium level of our in-house loyalty programme
  • Benefits include complimentary room upgrade and 6pm checkout (subject to availability)


  • Exclusive 15% off food and beverage at our hotels worldwide
  • Various bespoke benefits


  • Our third-party partners may also have specific VIP benefits at the Hotel of Residence e.g. Spa, restaurant, retail offers, signing privileges, valet parking, preferred rates

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