Ying’nflo Enlists Renowned Hong Kong Artist Bao Ho To Create Thought-provoking Exterior Wall Showcase

Newly unveiled mural serves as portal to inner worlds

Hong Kong, 2nd May 2024Ying'nFlo, the midscale hospitality brand tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of Millennials and GenZers, is pleased to announce its collaboration with acclaimed Hong Kong-based artist Bao Ho. The exciting partnership has prompted the transformation of an exterior wall at Ying'nFlo, Wesley, Admiralty into a compelling mural that captivates guests and passers-by with its stimulating theme and visually appealing imagery. 
Ying’nFlo, Wesley, Admiralty x Bao Ho exterior wall 

Bao Ho crafted the mural to serve as a portal to people’s inner worlds and imagination, and to thereby symbolise the intricacies of the human condition. This makes for a powerful artwork that is as intriguing as it is aesthetically pleasing.  

"Every person possesses their own inner world, filled with imagination and dreams. My aim was to establish a connection with these worlds and create a space where people can find solace, forge connections, and experience moments of tranquillity,” she said. “I hope this artwork radiates joy and exudes a warm welcome to all.” 

True to Bao Ho's iconic style, the mural features an abundance of vibrant colours. These have been harmoniously juxtaposed with the Ying’nFlo brand colours, which encompass a striking blend of red, black, grey and white. The chosen hues seamlessly infuse the mura with a pulsating dynamism, gracefully enhancing its illustrative details while also imbuing a touch of playfulness. The result is a defining depiction that transports viewers to a universe where creativity knows no bounds, encouraging them to explore and rediscover their intrinsic realms. 

“The concept behind Bao Ho’s mural, which has transformed Ying’nFlo’s exterior into a gateway of imagination and connection, aligns perfectly with Ying’nFlo’s vision of creating immersive and inspiring experiences for its guests,” said Langham Hospitality Group Cluster Managing Director Adam Hipp. “We have always believed that art has the power to evoke our emotions and transform us, and this mural is a testament to that view.”  

The mural, which sits at the intersection between Hennessy Road and Anton Street, will not only enhance Ying’nFlo's aesthetics but also serve as a source of inspiration and joy for guests, art enthusiasts, and members of the local community.  

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