Design, Construction and Technical Services

The Group's Design & Technical Services (DTS) department is responsible for design and construction management of new hotel projects. The team oversees properties' maintenance programs and also coordinates renovation scopes of existing hotels and resorts. DTS colleagues also work closely with the owner, project management team and design consultants.

DTS oversees the project from the early stages of planning through construction until completion and handover to the operations team. The team works with leading architects and consultants to achieve the maximum value for each project, ensuring that every property is built efficiently and in line with design and brand standards. DTS inspects the construction sites regularly to ensure that the design and quality goals are met throughout the project development phase to aid the timely opening of our hotels.

A design control document that outlines the hotel's necessary components is provided to the appointed consultants to serve as guidelines on the standards and qualities appropriate for a Langham Hospitality Group hotel. 

To access our design control documentation, please visit the following link which is only accessible to appointed consultants:

Design Control Document

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