Our Vision and Goals

Our Vision

We are recognised as being a forward-thinking, trustworthy, sustainability leader in the hospitality and real estate worlds.

Our Goals

    1. ENVIRONMENT – Reduce our impact on the environment by half.
    1. COMMUNITY – Create share value with the community.
    1. COLLEAGUES – Colleagues are proud of working with us.
    1. GOVERNANCE and ETHICAL BUSINESS – Stakeholders have confidence in our brands.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is embedded into the company governance structure and managed as part of the integrated management system. Langham Hospitality Group is governed by the Executive Committee and chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Committee reports directly to the Executive Chairman of the Group, who is also the Chairman of Great Eagle Holdings Limited.

The Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the overall corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) arrangements and approving relevant policies. It plays a central support and supervisory role in the Company’s ESG duties and endorses the CONNECT Programme.

Working closely with the CEO, the Group Sustainability Team is responsible to lead and implement the Group’s sustainability vision and strategy together with the relevant function heads, including climate-related risks and opportunities. The Executive Committee is consulted and updated on a regular basis and provides direction and allocates resources accordingly.

CONNECT is implemented in the hotels by hotels’ CONNECT Champions and CONNECT Committees which must be represented by an executive committee member together with representatives from each function. They drive implementation of the CONNECT programme in their hotels.

The performance against key sustainability indicators is reported to Executive Committee regularly and reviewed with CONNECT Champions at least three times a year during the regular regional CONNECT Champions meetings. During this regional meeting, key initiatives, challenges and learnings are shared with the Champions.

To ensure compliance with legislation, industry best practices and company policies and procedures, the Executive Committee is also responsible for the implementation of the Group’s internal control, risk management, and financial reporting. It reviews the remuneration structure at high level and the compensation and benefits packages of senior management. Langham Hospitality Group also abides by the internal control systems of Great Eagle Holdings Limited.

Foster Sustainable Culture

Global CONNECT Events related to environment, community, colleagues and governance are selected every year. All our hotels are required to participate at these selected events for the purpose of fostering the group-wide “CONNECT” power. The main objective of these events is putting CONNECT into action when we design the activities. We believe it is important to ensure our colleagues embrace sustainability not only in their daily work, but also as part of their lifestyle.

We share our hotels’ sustainability initiatives internally through our quarterly CONNECT newsletter and social media channels. This helps to maintain the momentum of driving new initiatives and creative ideas flowing through the company.

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