Celebrating Innovation SINCE 1865

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We hope that you have enjoyed discovering the array of innovations that Langham has developed since 1865.

We would like to invite you to be part of our journey in developing best industry practices, and would be delighted for you to share with us, the innovative ideas that you have for Langham.

Langham Innovative Hospitality

Since the opening of Europe's first 'Grand Hotel' in London in 1865, Langham has been at the forefront of innovative hospitality.

When opening on 10 June, the magnificent Langham Hotel was the first in the world to offer hydraulically-operated lifts, modern plumbing systems, and hot and cold running water in all guestsrooms, making The Langham, London a ground-breaking establishment and highly sought after destination.

For 149 years, Langham has been redefining hospitality by continuously generating fresh ideas and modern innovations. It is this continued effort that has elevated the group to new levels of service and industry best practices.

Langham Hospitality Group developed the internal 'Think Pink' initiative as a way to facilitate and promote innovation; to ultimately capture our guests through new service and product concepts, and with new and improved signatures of hospitality.

The name 'Think Pink' was chosen as it reflects Langham's corporate colour - a colour which is enchanting, exclusive and memorable. To us, picking this colour itself perfectly depicts our innovative spirit!

Marking Langham's birthday, we would like to celebrate our global initiatives through our 'Think Pink' website, and share with you some of the innovations that have contributed to our continued success.

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