Sustainable Meeting Solutions

The Langham Hotels and Resorts has elevated the meeting experience to create events which are not only memorable, but also sustainable.

Launched across selected properties, CONNECT Conferences offers a range of sustainable initiatives categorised by accommodationcuisine and services, which allow planners to select sustainable options when planning any meeting or events. Each of these options is selected specifically to offset the potential environmental or social impact of any meeting or event. All variables are nonrestrictive, so planners may select only those tailored to their budget and preferences.

The Langham Hotels and Resorts also holds the internationally accredited EarthCheck certification across the majority of its properties, making it one of the more sustainable international hospitality companies. This prestigious award reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability. Click here to find out more about EarthCheck certified hotels and sustainability programmes.



    The Langham Hotels and Resorts offers a number of options which alleviate the environmental impact from group accommodation. The following may be considered:

    • Participation in the "Guest Of The Earth" programme, which promotes reusing linen where possible to reduce water and energy consumption.
    • Partnership with PressReader to offer the paperless option to access thousands of full-content digital newspapers and magazines worldwide just as they appear in print edition.
    • Opting to use fair-trade products as welcome amenities and for use in guestroom mini-bars.
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    When creating menus, a variety of cuisines and service options are available to help reduce the environmental impact, such as:

    • Selecting locally-grown and seasonal products to reduce the carbon emissions caused by transportation.
    • Requesting organic and vegetarian banquet menus, which minimizes pollution and the use of natural resources.
    • Opting for filtered water to reduce bottled wastage.
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    CONNECT Conferences offer a range of services to increase the sustainability of your event, including:

    • The opportunity to incorporate tailor-made activities into a schedule, which give back to the local community;
    • The availability of reusable items such as whiteboards, electronic signage, linen, dining ware and cutlery to minimise unnecessary waste;
    • Waste management and recycling services are automatically implemented on site by Langham Staff. Planners can also opt to place recycling bins in meeting rooms to engage attendees and create awareness for sustainability through this waste management exercise;
    • The opportunity to select energy efficient options, such as setting the air conditioner to a moderate temperature and maximising the use of natural light;
    • An online Carbon Emission and Carbon Saving Calculator, enables planners to find out the real environmental cost of an event. Planners can then select sustainable offerings that offset this. Click here to further understand the share of emissions created by your meeting held and how you may offset with our provided options.
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  • CONNECT Conferences brochure

    To learn more about CONNECT Conferences, please download our brochure.


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  • Event Carbon Footprint Calculator

    Understand the share of emissions created by your meeting held and how you may offset with our provided options.


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Secure your group reservation at one of our worldwide properties and enjoy the benefits of CONNECT Conferences by contacting our Hotels Sales or Global Sales representative in your region.

Terms and Conditions

Offerings and inclusions in this CONNECT Conferences programme are dependent upon availability at each individual hotel and are subject to change without notice. In the event of dispute, Langham Hotels International and affiliate properties reserve the right to the final decision.  

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